Therapy for Anxiety

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At Sarah Cline & Associates, we understand that anxiety is a complex and often overwhelming experience.

Our compassionate and supportive approach ensures you will always feel safe, welcomed, and understood.

We work with individuals experiencing symptoms such as constant worrying, irritability, difficulty sleeping, difficulty relaxing, and low self esteem. These challenges can impact daily life, but it doesn’t have to stay that way and you don’t have to navigate a path forward alone.

Common Issues and Themes Found in Therapy for Anxiety

Constant worrying and overthinking

Physical symptoms like increased heart rate and sweating

Panic attacks and sudden feelings of terror

Fear of social situations or public speaking

Intrusive thoughts and obsessive behaviors

Difficulty relaxing and concentrating

Avoidance of situations that trigger anxiety

Expert Support for Overcoming Anxiety

Our Approach

We believe in guiding our clients with compassion and without judgment.

Our therapists come alongside you to help you understand yourself better. We uncover patterns in thinking and behavior that may contribute to your challenges, always prioritizing compassion for both yourself and others.

Our goal is to help you challenge the notion of perfection and to reassure you that experiencing mental health struggles does not diminish your worth or capability.

A Typical Session

During a 55-60 minute session, your therapist will listen closely without judgment or agenda. You are encouraged to share updates about your well-being, what has been working, and what hasn’t.

The therapist will ask questions and provide insights or feedback. Sessions are an open dialogue and may include:

  • Guided imagery
  • Exploring & challenging limiting thought patterns
  • Practicing skills to shift thinking patterns
  • Identifying anxiety triggers
  • Body scanning to tune into emotions
  • Learning techniques to regulate emotions and calm anxiety
  • Working on concrete plans to reduce anxiety

Our compassionate counselors are here to support you through your mental health journey, helping you to feel empowered and take on life with a calming confidence.

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