Therapy for Neurodivergent Parents

counseling for adults - neurodivergent parents

At Sarah Cline & Associates, we understand folks who are struggling to manage their own neurodivergent brain while parenting children who are highly likely to also be neurodivergent.

In addition to the challenges of parenting, other challenges such as time management, organization, emotional needs, and managing frustrations can all compound and lead to parenting burnout.

Not only are our therapists very experienced in working with neurodivergences, compassion is at the center of everything we do.

Common Issues and Themes in Neurodivergent Parenting

Overstimulated by the noise and demands of having kids

Time management and task management

Managing childrens' emotional needs

Lack of confidence in parenting abilities

Managing anxiety & frustrations

Lack of self care

Feeling overwhelmed & burnt out

Expert Support for Neurodivergent Parenting

Our Approach

We believe in guiding our neurodivergent clients with compassion and without judgment.

Our therapists work closely with you to identify the areas where you face the most challenges, helping you develop practical strategies to ease these difficulties. Through a process of trial and error, we discover which techniques work best for you.

We aim to transform negative self-perceptions, helping you see that struggling as a parent or an adult does not mean you are lacking in any way. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of self-care, supporting you in developing skills that nurture your well-being. Neurodivergent parents

A Typical Session

During a 55-60 minute session, your therapist will listen closely without judgment or agenda. You are encouraged to share updates about your well-being, what has been working, and what hasn’t.

The therapist will ask questions and provide insights or feedback. Sessions are an open dialogue and may include:

  • Breaking big things down into smaller pieces
  • Strategies for executive functioning deficits
  • Practicing organization & time management skills
  • Discussing ways to manage intense emotions while managing them in your child
  • Using cognitive strategies to reduce negative self-talk and low self-image
  • Implement strategies to prioritize self-care

Our compassionate counselors are here to support you through your parenting journey, helping you to feel empowered and prepared for the challenges ahead.

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