Postpartum Therapy

postpartum therapy

At Sarah Cline & Associates, we understand that childbirth is a profound journey, filled with both joy and challenges.

Our warm and motherly approach ensures you will always feel safe, welcomed, and understood.

We work with new parents those who have recently given birth, helping them adapt to their new roles and address issues such as processing their birth experience, changes in relationships, fatigue, sleep deprivation, anxiety, irritability, intrusive thoughts, low mood, and difficulty connecting with their baby.

These challenges can impact daily life, but you don’t have to navigate them alone.

Common Issues and Themes in Postpartum Therapy

Body changes and self-image concerns

Worries about the health of the baby

Shifts in identity after birth

Fears about returning to work

Concerns about new family dynamics

Worries about connecting with your new child

Fears about the transition into parenthood

Expert Support for Your Mental Health After Pregnancy

Our Approach

We come alongside our clients and help guide them through the process of understanding themselves better, with compassion and no shame we can uncover patterns in thinking and behavior that may add to their challenges.

We do this while instilling hope that things can improve and they can feel better with time. We offer our knowledge and experience to help clients understand things like depression and anxiety and trauma so that they are better able to work with their own experiences better.

Compassion is at the root of what we do. Compassion for self and for others. We help clients challenge the idea that they have to be perfect or that having mental health struggles means they are not capable and worthy people.

We also help clients challenge societal expectations that are not serving them well.

A Typical Session

During a 55-60 minute session, your therapist will listen closely without judgment or agenda. You are encouraged to share updates about your well-being, what has been working, and what hasn’t.

The therapist will ask questions and provide insights or feedback. Sessions are an open dialogue and may include:

  • Guided imagery
  • Body scanning to tune into emotions
  • Practicing skills to shift thinking patterns
  • Learning techniques to regulate emotions and calm anxiety
  • Working on concrete plans such as postpartum support plans

Our compassionate counselors are here to support you through your postpartum journey, helping you to feel empowered and prepared for the changes ahead.

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