Therapy for Grief and Loss

therapy for grief and loss

At Sarah Cline & Associates, we understand that grief and loss are profound experiences that can deeply impact your life.

Our warm and empathetic approach ensures you will always feel safe, welcomed, and understood.

We work with individuals experiencing the loss of a loved one or a pet, as well as those facing other significant losses such as divorce, job loss, aging, or major life changes.

These challenges can significantly affect daily life, but you don’t have to navigate them alone.

Common Issues and Themes in Therapy for Grief & Loss

Profound sadness

Managing grief

Honoring your loved one or the loss you are experiencing

Relationship challenges related to the loss

Gaining social support and asking for help

Expert Support for Your Mental Health During Grief and Loss

Our Approach

We believe in guiding our clients with compassion and without judgment.

Our therapists acknowledge that loss is a part of the human experience, and we approach each client as a fellow human being willing to sit with you in your space of loss and sadness.

We are patient and provide the guidance we can along the path of grief. Our approach includes various therapeutic techniques, such as CBT, DBT, ACT, and IFS, when applicable We recognize that everyone experiences loss, and we support you with empathy and patience.

We help you understand your grief, offer guidance, and provide practical tools to help you cope and heal.

A Typical Session

During a 55-60 minute session, your therapist will provide a safe and supportive environment for you to express and process your feelings.

Sessions may include:

  • Discussing your current emotions and experiences
  • Allowing you to share what life is feeling like for you
  • Exploring what may be helping or hindering your grieving process
  • Providing education about grief and loss
  • Offering interventions tailored to your needs

Our compassionate counselors are here to support you through your grief journey, helping you feel empowered and hopeful for the future.

At Sarah Cline & Associates, you are not alone. Together, we can navigate the challenges of grief and loss and work towards healing and acceptance.

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